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 Redditch Model Railway Exhibition

Why Change from a September to a March date for the annual Redditch Model Railway Exhibition?

From 2024 we have moved our annual model railway date from September to March. This means from March 2024 our Redditch Model Railway Exhibitions will be staged on the first full  weekend of March

Why we are making this significant change to the date :

  • Even before Covid we had been looking for some time at options on how we can increase the attendance at our annual model railway show.

  • Asking people why they can't attend our show in September they have often said that this is a key month for them to go on holiday. We know many of our visitors are retired and like to go on holiday in September - understandably taking advantage of cheap holidays in the sun once children have gone back to school. This also goes for some of own Club members !!

  • Over the last few years the September/October period has become very congested with many model railway exhibitions during this period in the wider West Midlands meaning people have to make choices over which shows they attend whether they are a visitor or exhibitor.

  • Moving the show permanently to the first week in March should help to solve these two key issues and hopefully make the Redditch Model Railway Exhibition even more popular.

  • When we staged our shows earlier in the year in February we always found them better attended.

  • This decision was vindicated with the show in March 2024 when attendance was significantly more than it had been at recent events staged in September. Also the owners of our trade stand support reported a significant increase in their takings.