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Layouts at the 2022 Redditch Model Railway Exhibition

It is planned to have a selection of layouts in the popular scales. Layouts Booked so far confirmed will include for our 2022 show :

  1. Arcadia Pennsylvania - 7mm scale American switcher yard
  2. Arrowmouth - Celebrate 30 years of this 4mm West Coat Main Line layout in 1960's
  3. Farbine Road - A 4mm scale BR Blue era locomotive depot
  4. Saltdean - A 7mm layout of the LBSCR is the late 1880's
  5. Ventnor West - 7mm layout based on the Isle of Wight in the 1940's

Others being confirmed ..........

Arcadia Pennsylvania - presented by David George  - 7mm Scale

Arcadia Pennsylvania is a freelance, box theatre style, “time-saver” layout, it is depicts a fictitous, small industrial railroad freight terminal set in Arcadia, Pennsylvania, Eastern USA, as a backcloth the declining “Arcadia Steelworks” blast furnace and coke oven silos but they are not operationally related. A short line (APT) serves the location delivering various box cars, hoppers, flat wagons, gondola, and tank cars to several local operations. Motive power. Rolling stock and architecture represents the period 1960s to 1970s but there may be cameos of late 1980s diesels. The fright yards resident locomotives are leased to Central Railroad of New Jersey EMD SW9 (to be branded APT). In addition the route is worked by other motive power a Pennsylvania RR Alco RS-1, a Louisville & Nashville EMD SDP35 and (in cameos) an Amtrax Dash 8-32BHW all three are dual motored. The layout is mainly front operated with traffic generated using a 4-track traverser through a short tunnel into the freight servicing area. Points are controlled remotely using slow action motors. All four locomotives are Atlas models and are DCC sound-enabled. The layout is powered by an expanded NCE system.

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Arrowmouth - presented by Redditch Model Railway Club  - 4mm Scale

It is fitting that Arrowmouth should be at this show as this year is the 30th Anniversary of when this very popular layout was first exhibited. Sitting on the beach, on one of those always sunny summer days. Suddenly the silence is shattered as a former LMS pacific speeds past on a Scotland bound train. These are the images we have attempted to recreate in model form. The West Coast Main Line at the end of the steam era and before the overhead electrification marched northwards to Scotland. Arrowmouth is a seaside town on the North West Coast and is close to Hest Bank, which is between Lancaster and Carnforth. The layout is based on the former London North Western Railway main line. The era is somewhere between 1963 and 1968 when steam was in its Indian Summer, in this part of the world. The scale is 4mm using "OO" gauge track. All the buildings on the layout are scratch built, mainly using thick card for the basic structure. These were covered with either brick papers or plasticard to represent stone or brick finishes. Various grades of sand papers have also been used to represent concrete rendering which, is so often found at seaside towns. The layout has been created as a package of not just the layout but also correctly formed trains for the era portrayed. This does not mean detailed locomotives pulling out of the box ready to run stock. More recently the layout has undergone a major refurbishment to bring it up to the standards of the Club's newer layouts. This has included totally a re-modeled the goods yard area with a new track layout and completely new scenery on both corners of the layout.

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Farbine Road WRD - presented by Neil Woodbine  - 4mm Scale

Farbine Road Wagon Repair Depot is a fictional depot loosely set in the Midlands area. There are two elements to it, the Wagon Repair Depot along with a small passenger terminus station which encompass passenger and parcels operations. The layout can be based anytime from mid 70s to the late 80s depending on how we feel on the day! BR blue  will be the main colour seen but other liveries can occasionally appear. Many different types of civil engineering stock can be seen on the depot for repair with many different classes of diesel traction visiting the depot and station during an operating session. The main inspiration for Farbine was memories of trips as a youngster into Birmingham from Bescot passing Duddeston Wagon Repair works. Our starting point was the shed building scratch built by my late father.

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Saltdean - presented by Peter Smith - 7mm Scale

There Saltdean is an 0 gauge layout representing an LBSCR terminus in the Summer of 1888. Saltdean is a real place but it did not develop until the 1920's, however I have imagined it as a Victorian creation with a branch line being built to serve the new resort in 1882 from Brighton. I have also stretched reality by assuming that the line was used by Brighton Works for running in newly built and overhauled engines which means that I can run anything the LBSCR had at the time. The layout uses DCC control and all the engines have sound.

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Ventnor West - presented by Kevin Cartwright  - 7mm Scale

We welcome Kevin Cartwright, a long term supporter of our exhibition. Kevin was last exhibiting at a Redditch show in 2015 with his Brixham Bay layout a 2mm model of the real station of that name. Ventnor West is something totally different this time in 7mm scale.  What you see here today is the product of almost 20 years of research and the actual building of the layout, taking into account also that     sometimes life gets in the way!! The buildings, rolling stock, and road vehicles are all scratch built.  The buildings are all faithful copies of the prototypes, some of which still exist today. I have spent a lot of time on the site of this station photographing and drawing the buildings. My wife's cousin lives almost opposite the    station    building which was very useful when I was researching this project. Like previous layouts I have built I have painted the back scenes.  The layout is DCC   controlled with sound in the locomotives. The layout is set in the 1940s during the Second World War when much of the south coast of England including the Isle of Wight was given over to the preparations for the D day landings on the 6th June 1944.

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