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Bromsgrove 1974

Hymeks continue to appear at Bromsgrove

Despite their diminishing numbers Hymeks still appeared at Bromsgrove and 7018,7026 and 7029 were all seen on local freight workings in the early part of the year. They had been scheduled for total withdrawal by 1973, but a few survived until March 1975. By February there were just ten left in active service including the three seen at Bromsgrove.

Minor accident at Bromsgrove

There was a minor accident at Bromsgrove on Wednesday 6th February when a portion of a Worcester to Bromsgrove freight broke away from its train and rolled into the banker sidings demolishing a buffer stop. Fortunately the banking engines that day 6862 (to be 37162) and 6903 (to be 37203) were not in the way, having just departed pushing a freight up the incline.

Summer Timetable Starts

The summer timetable came into effect from Monday 6th May and Class 50 diesels are now scheduled on trains through Bromsgrove. These were the 0740 Penzance to Liverpool  train (as far as Birmingham New Street station where the locomotive was changed for an electric powered one) and the 1320 Liverpool to Plymouth train (from Birmingham New Street station). This was the first time these locomotives had been rostered for the Birmingham to Bristol route. Some examples of the locomotives in use were 50025 on Thursday 6th June and 50001 on Wednesday 3rd July.

August the main holiday month brought a number of interesting workings:

Sunday 4th August

1046 Western Marquis worked through to Birmingham New Street station on the 0929 Paignton to Manchester train (that should have normally started from Bristol). The locomotive returned from Birmingham New Street Station to the Western Region on a Paddington train.

Sunday 11th August

47375 of Knottingley Depot was on the 2250 Fridays only Bradford to Paignton train and the 1030 Saturday only Paignton to Leeds train.

Monday 26th August

47277 of Knottingley depot was on the 2250 Fridays only Bradford to Paignton train and the 1030 Saturday only Paignton to Leeds train.

Tuesday 27th August

31313 hauled failed 46007 from Cheltenham to Birmingham New Street station with the northbound Cornishman, arriving 60 minutes late.

Sunday 31st August

1072 Western Glory headed the 1250 relief Newquay to Birmingham New Street station throughout, returning with the empty coaching Stock to Newton Abbot.

Various occasional observations at Barnt Green over the period Monday 5th August to Saturday 10th August showed traffic to be hauled by the following types of locomotives: 

Class 45/46  35
Class 47 19
Class 31  1 (31286)
Class 25  1 (25073)
total of 56 observations

During this period the Cornishman the 0700 Bradford to Penzance) was hauled by :

Monday 5th August  46048
Wednesday 7th Augus 46017 
Thursday 8th August 45005 

Locomotives on the Redditch Stone Trains

During the 1970's the ARC stone terminal at Redditch received regular deliveries of stone from their Tytherington Quarry in Gloucestershire. These trains ran up the Lickey Incline and to avoid running the train around to gain access to the Redditch branch they ran via the Camp Hill line through New Street Station and back via the West Suburban line so that they could run straight onto the Redditch branch. The morning train with the reporting number 6M31 to Redditch was worked by 25135 and 25211 on Thursday 29th August and by 47262 on Tuesday 3rd September. On Tuesday 20th August 47535 worked the afternoon empty train from Redditch.  

Fires on Freight Trains

Two freight observations in September were unusual due to fires breaking out on the descent of the incline. On Tuesday 10th September the 0550 Bescot to Severn Tunnel Junction service with reporting number 8V75 was noted with the brake van on fire. A week later the locomotive hauling a Birmingham to Gloucester special working with the reporting number 8Z48 was on fire when it passed Bromsgrove.

Westerns continue to appear at Bromsgrove

October could best be described as the month of the Westerns. On Sunday 5th October Class 52s were rostered to haul the 0740 Penzance to Liverpool diagram (taking over from the Class 50's). 1066 'Western Prefect' was noted on this working on Friday 25th October, 1045 'Western Viscount' on Friday 22nd November, and 1052 'Western Viceroy' on Monday 30th December. AIso on Sunday 13th October 1025 'Western Guardsman' reached Derby on a 1355 relief from Plymouth, returning to Bristol light engine.

Class 44's visit Bromsgrove

Two visitors of note during November were Class 44 locomotives both working on the 1135 Toton to Severn Tunnel Junction freight. On Tuesday 5th November by 44007 'Inglesborough' and the next day by 44001 'Scafell Pike'.

The year ended with another failure near Bromsgrove involving 46052 on the 0625 Bristol to Liverpool the train was propelled into Birmingham New Street station 90 minutes late by 47012.