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Bromsgrove 1973

Workings of any interest were as follows:

Wednesday 31st January

1034  'Western Dragoon' arriving at Birmingham New Street Station on  a Honiton to Market Rasen special working.

Monday 12th February

1717 was on a northbound express and was hit a fallen tree south of Bromsgrove that caused extensive damage caused to the cab. Bromsgrove banking engine, 6957 (to be 37257) was used to haul the train into Bromsgrove station. 1717 was removed and the Class 37 then continued to Birmingham New Street station.

Monday 23rd April

Banking locomotives at Bromsgrove on this day were 6941 (to be 37241) / 6971 (to be 37271). It is now the norm to have two banking locomotives available at Bromsgrove.

Saturday 5th May

The withdrawal of the last Blue Pullman train set on 4th May was commemorated by a special tour called "The Last Pullman" the day after from Paddington to Swansea (via Birmingham and Lickey) and back direct to Paddington. The special passed through Bromsgrove at 1123

Saturday 19th May

1062 'Western Courier' (now preserved on the Severn Valley Railway) hauled the 2340 Glasgow to Bristol from Birmingham New Street station.

Saturday 2nd June

5613 (to be 31190) and 5661 (to be 31234) were used on a Cambridge to Weston-super-Mare via Birmingham New Street special train. The locomotives returned north on the 2100 Bristol to Glasgow train that evening.

Sunday 15th July

A rare sight at Birmingham New Street station was 1064 'Western Regent' pulling failed locomotives 1732 (to be 47140) and 45107 on an unknown northbound express that had run through Bromsgrove. Where the three locomotives were used from is unknown.

Sunday 25th September

1906 (to be 47230) failed on the 1E54 0845 Cardiff to Leeds service train and was helped into Birmingham by the Lickey bankers 6931 (to be 37231) and 6915 (to be 37215) - two bankers were now the norm.

Sunday 25th November

1045 'Western Viscount' arrived Birmingham New Street Station on the Sunday only Penzance to Leeds service

Thursday 20th December

1029 'Western Legionaire' worked throughout on a Plymouth to Derby special train.

More Trains stop at Bromsgrove

There was a fair amount of activity through the year regarding local services A local advertisement by British Rail (Westmidrail) in February listed the weekday commuter services as:

Bromsgrove 0752 Birmingham 1705 1735
Birmingham 0830 Bromsgrove 1726 1802

with the return second class fare being 60p

West Midlands Passenger Transport Executive announce the creation of the Cross City line

In April the West Midland Passenger Transport Executive announced a proposal costing 5m for a cross-city rail scheme as far as Redditch with new railway stations and some refurbished ones from Four Oaks via Birmingham New Street to Redditch. This would come to fruition on Monday 8th May 1978 as far as the new Longbridge railway station with the service improvements to Redditch coming in May 1981.

Rail tickets accepted by the Midland Red

A 12 month experimental rail-bus interchange link started on Monday 1st October so that rail passengers unable to get back to Bromsgrove could use their return ticket on the Midland Red bus service 144 from Birmingham to the Malvern's via Worcester, all this resulting from pressure brought by the local passenger action group.

Even more Trains stop at Bromsgrove

After pressure from the same group this resulted in one extra train calling at Bromsgrove from Monday 12th November. This departed from Bromsgrove at 0955 on Mondays to Saturdays arriving at Birmingham New Street at 1023.