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Bromsgrove 1968

Unusual train working

From Saturday 6th January 1968, the 0230  Sundays only Birmingham to Worcester parcels  was booked for Warship haulage. Also in January Type 2 (class 25) D5244  appeared at Gloucester for crew training,  being tried out on freight trips to  Dursley and Sharpness during February. Also Warships D855 Triumph and D864  Zambesi were used during February to train Worcester men on Birmingham to Bristol expresses. The 1310 Bristol to Newcastle was observed being double headed by a Warship and a Peak. Unusual visitors on Wednesday 28th February were D5813 and D5829 on a special Sheffield to Gloucester freight. The Hymek bankers at Bromsgrove on Saturday 19th October were D7021/2/3, and from December onwards two engines worked in multiple with one crew, the third Hymek working separately.

Class 40 locomotives are considered as banking locomotives

During the early part of the year the failure rate of Hymeks on banking duties was high and there was some conjecture that they would be replaced by three English Electric Type 4's (Class 40s) from the North East. Crew training was to begin in September but this was not happen.