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Bromsgrove 1957

The first few months of the year were noticeably uneventful in terms of the motive power on show. The Fowler tanks, Ivatt 2-6-0's and 2P and Compound      4-4-0's were all working local services and stopping trains. Stanier Black '5's and 8F's were in profusion, and the lone Derby Patriot, 45509, worked down to Bristol and back, usually on the 0735 Nottingham to Bristol (as it certainly did on Tuesday 23rd April). However, this predictable pattern was interrupted by the first recorded visit of a Caprotti Standard Class 4-6-0 73142 (15C Leicester) on Wednesday 9th January when it worked the 1238 Worcester to Birmingham, New Street double-heading a class 2P 4-4-0. Then on Tuesday 8th January, when Ivatt class 43036 failed at Droitwich whilst heading the 0924 Malvern to Birmingham New Street, the only replacement available was Worcester based former GWR tank locomotive 4571, which worked the 8-coach train through to Birmingham, New Street, thereafter returning light to Worcester. This was the first know this locomotive class to Birmingham New Street, let alone up the Lickey Incline.

Bromsgrove locomotives in the works   

Some of the banking engines were  absent  in  the  early  part  of the year. On 19th May 8400 and 8401 were both at Swindon Shed, the former had just been overhauled at Swindon, the latter about to enter the works. Jinties 47276 and 47565 were stored at Bourneville through ;April to July at least. Other Bromsgrove engines away at works during the year were 43186 (Derby Works erecting shopi n  mid-January), 43762 (also Derby Works) in August, and of course 92079 to Crewe  Works being noted in the erecting shop in mid-September. In May and June,  with the approach of the summer services, more unusual  locomotive workings  gradually  developed.  On Saturday 18th May Jubilee 45613 'Kenya' (12A  Carlisle Upperby)  worked a pigeon special to Mangotsfield, while on Saturday  25th May 45688 'Polyphemus' (3B Bushbury) was put on a Birmingham to Weston-Super-Mare excursion. The  railway  authorities revealed that former LNER B1 4-6-0  engines had been  passed  to work through to Bristol and Bath, although at this  time no one realised the significance this was to have for the remaining years of steam. To  the considerable chagrin of local enthusiasts in the Miidlands, local steam  services had been steadily taken over by the new diesel multiple units. On Sunday 2nd June two sets joined into a 8-car train were used on a Birmingham to Weston-Super-Mare excursion, the  first  occasion this had happened on the route to Bristol.

Interesting summer train locomotives   

Subsequent events  and workings of interest through the summer months  were as follows

Monday 10th June  

45687 'Nepture' 67A Corkerhill) on a relief to the 1242  Newcastle to Bristol

Tuesday 11th June  

75057 (15C  Leicester),  the  first  recorded 16th  June Standard  Class 4, piloted 40332 on the 1246  Worcester to Birmingham New Street

Monday 17th June     

Various 9F  types (92008/9/49/51, 92133/4/5) were  allocated to 21A  Saltley for the first time, making their appearances through Bromsgrove even more  frequent

Wednesday 26th June  

In the new summer timetable the 'Devonian' left  Bradford 25 minutes later, cut out stops at Normanton, Cudworth, Rotherham, Droitwich and Worcester, and arrived Bristol at 1547, 8 minutes  earlier,  with a net gain in journey time of 33 minutes. B1 61205 (35C Peterborough, Spitall Bridge) made the  first  appearance of its class at Worcester Shrub Hill  since 1953 with an excursion from the Eastern Region   

Tuesday 2nd July  

B1 61160 (38A  Colwick) was noted at Worcester  shed, its arrival not having been recorded early June 45671 'Prince Rupert'' (26A Newton Heath) was at  Bristol

Saturday 20th July  

45720  'Indomitable' (67A Corkerhill) on the westbound 'Devonian' arriving Bristol

Monday 29th July  

46145 'The Duke of Wellinton's Regiment (West Riding)'(55A Leeds)  pulled  the 1557 Newcastle to Bristol into Bristol; a most unusual working even when motive power was in short supply   

Saturday 3rd August  

45591 'Udapur' (5A  Crewe)  worked  through to Weston-Super-Mare

Saturday 10th August  

45232 (26A  Newton  Heath) on the 0915 Weston-Super-Mare to Sheffield  

Saturday 17th August  

45424 (10C  Patricroft) on the 0915 Weston-Super-Mare to Sheffield

During August Standard Class 4  2-6-0 types 76085/6/7 were transferred for the  first time to 21A Saltley and subsequently used on local services, including the  Redditch branch

9F's on passenger services   

However, a  particular memory of the summer services was the use of the  normally freight-only engines, Class 9F 2-10-0 types on passenger services, some of the example that were recorded being :

Friday 2nd August  

92126 (15A Wellingborough) 2230 Leicester to Paignton and 92137 (21A Saltley) 1358 Derby to Bristol parcels train

Saturday 3rd August  

92048 (21A Saltley) 1105 Leicester to Paignton and 92106 (15B Kettering) 0640 Leicester to Paignton service

Saturday 10th August  

92049 (21A Saltley) 1358  Bristol to Newcastle and 92133 (21A Saltley) 1440 Bristol to Birmingham service  

Saturday 24th August  

92056 (18A Toton) 1645 Bristol to Derby and 92101 (18A Toton) 1725 Birmingham New Street to Malvern, being a replacement for the normal Black '5 an the first 9F on the Worcester to Hereford line

Unusual locomotives   

During the remainder of the year ex-LNER 2-8-0 63686 (39A Gorton) was an unusual visitor to Gloucester Midland shed on Wednesday 30th October having arrived the previous day on a special freight from Sealand (near Wrexham) to Ashchurch, whilst on November 76085 was seen on the 0924 Great Malvern to Birmingham line on various dates. Two other events worth recording were the visit of Wellingborough Crosti-type 9F 92027 (possibly the first visit of this type) observed pulling a Bristol bound freight through Churchdown on Wednesday 20th November, and clearance tests on the Camp Hill line on Sunday 10th November with former GWR Hall 5912 'Queens Hall' (84E Tyseley).