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Bromsgrove 1954

The Records for 1954 are rather sparse and can be summarised as follows:

Tuesday 9th March

45662 'Kempenfelt' on up (northbound) 'Devionian'  

Saturday 15th May 

45519 'Lady Godiva' (10B Preston) (again) on another  pigeon special to Mangotsfield  

Saturday 22nd May  

45506 'The  Royal  Pioneer  Corps'  (5A  Crewe), also on a  pigeon  special 

Saturday 22nd May  

45519 'Lady Godiva’ (she was  beginning to seem like one of  the  regulars) on  yet  another pigeon special 

Sunday 23rd May  

45678 'de Robeck’ (5A Crewe) 1900 Bristol to Derby 

Monday 24th May  

45587 'Baroda' (9A Longsight) 1240 Newcastle to Bristol 

Friday 28th May  

45695 'Minotaur' (25G Farnley Junction) on westbound 'Devonian' and 1920 Bristol to Newcastle train August  visitors to Bath on the 2239 Manchester to Bournemouth and 1045 (Saturdays only) Bath to Liverpool train were 45500 'Patriot', 45539' E.C. Trench' and 45632 'Tonga' 

Tuesday 28th December

40697 (71G Bath) arrived at Birmingham on a Bournemouth to Sheffield relief 

Tuesday 28th December   

53805 (71G Bath) was noted heading towards Birmingham with a fish train from the West Country, a particularly unusual working, as these locomotives normally were not  seen far from the Somerset & Dorset line or Bristol except when travelling to and from Derby works 

Fatality at Bromsgrove Shed

Aside from the locomotive workings there was an unfortunate fatality in early April at Bromsgrove shed when a maintenance worker installing a new gas pipe fell to his death from the roof of the shed.

Crash Simulation  

In a similar vein Sunday 25th April saw a major rail crash at Bromsgrove station involving 20 dead, 20 injured and a fire. Fortunately this 'crash' was a simulated arrangement must to test out the local emergency services, British Railways having co-operated in setting up the crash scene.