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Bromsgrove 1953

The year did not provide a large quantity of foreign locomotives but the few that did arrive included a few rarities. This was obviously the case on Tuesday 31st March when B1 Class 61285(31A Cambridge) was noted at Worcester, the first recorded visit of an Eastern Region passenger locomotive. Then on Friday 3rd April Crab 2-6-0 42907 from 68A Carlisle Kingmoor was noted at Bristol, also being noted on the Somerset and Dorset line at about the same time. When these locomotives reached Bristol they were normally Midlands allocated members of the class, it being very very unusual to see one from so far afield as Carlisle.

May saw a number of visitors:  

Saturday 9th May

45096 (10B Preston) on a train to Bristol

Saturday 9th May

45278 (5D Stafford) on a pigeon special

Friday 29th May

45519 'Lady Godiva'  (10B Preston) on a pigeon special from Mangotsfield.

Saturday 30th May

44806 (15C  Leicester) and 45578 'United Provinces'   (12A Carlisle  Upperby) double headed a special from  St  Philips Marsh, Bristol to Derby.

Bristol was visited by a number of unrebuilt Patriots during the summer, namely, 45500  'Patriot', 45507 'Royal Tank Corps', and 45519 'Lady Godiva' again.

Unusual Locomotives at Bromsgrove

Then in  September, Garratt 47996 (18A Toton) travelled with 48037 and 44176  light engine from Worcester towards Bromsgrove, presumably en-route to Saltley depot on Sunday 6th September; the route via Worcester was due to repair work in Dunhampstead  cutting. The Garratts tended to work the Midland main line down through Wellingborough to London, or down as far as Birmingham, but further south through Bromsgrove they were never very common. On Friday 11th September 44830 (71G Bath) unusually worked the north bound Pines Express through to Manchester, but the highlight of the year as the appearance of Royal Scot 46122 'Royal Ulster Rifleman'(9A Longsight) on the northbound Pines Express on Saturday 12th September which was the 0945 Bournemouth to Manchester train the next day. 46122 was observed passing Gloucester Eastgate being described as 'one of the rare trips on the Birmingham to Bristol/Bath route by a Royal Scot at this time'. A sight that would become more common over the next few years.