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Bromsgrove 1952

There  was  a  slight, but noticeable increase in visiting  locomotives during 1952, and these are shown below:

Tuesday 8th January

45278 'Defiance' (68A Carlisle Kingmoor), noted arrived  at  Bristol via Mangotsfield

Thursday 1st May

45586 'Mysore' (5A Crewe) noted at Bristol.

Sunday 4th May

45695 'Minotaur' (24E Blackpool) noted at Bristol   

Saturday 10th May

45519 'Lady Godiva' (10B Preston)  arrived  at Mangotsfield on a pigeon special from Eccles   

Saturday 24th May

73008 (63A Perth) was at the time based at Rugby Testing Plant, worked the 1245 Newcastle to Bristol (also on |Sunday 25th May) Engines from Perth were real rarities.

Saturday 21st June

45500 'Patriot' (9A Longsight) on a Manchester to Bristol  excursion, and then the  next  day the 1935  Bristol to York

Saturday 21st June

45740 'Munster' (9A Longsight) departed Bristol  northbound 

Sunday 28th September

The  appearance  of 7807 'Compton Manor' (89A  Oswestry) was noted at Bromsgrove near the shed on  a northbound  ballast  train

Sunday 28th September

47313/47638  another  appearance  by 47313 both of 21A  Saltley on  Bromsgrove  shed