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Bromsgrove 1951

This year was to see the transfer of un-rebuilt Patriot 45509 'The Derbyshire Yeomanry' from 5A Crewe to 17A Derby where she remained until 1958, ensuring she would be a regular sight through Bromsgrove. During the last quarter of 1951 a record is available of locomotives attended by the Bromsgrove fitters. Although this list inevitably involves the banking engines to a large degree, there were a number of other locomotives. The others list, totalling 17 locomotives over a period Saturday 1st September 1951 until Saturday 29th December 1951 is as follows:

41537 22B Gloucester, 43214 21A Saltley, 43490 21A Saltley, 43669 19C Canklow, 43690 21A Saltley, 43924 22B Gloucester, 44138 21B Bourneville, 44145 21A Saltley, 44226 21A Saltley, 44248 21A Saltley, 44252 17C Coalville, 44753 20A Leeds, 44820  20A Leeds, 47313 21A Saltley, 47363 3D Aston, 47638 21A Saltley and 48647 21A Saltley.  

Interesting trains

It is interesting to note the passing of 41537, one of a small number of Deeley     0-4-0 Tanks, presumably going to, or returning from Derby Works. Also, Jinty 47313 was at Bromsgrove under repair from Friday 16th November 1951 to at least Tuesday 8th January 1952 it is surprising how often this engine appeared at Bromsgrove bearing in minds she was a 21A Saltley locomotive. The other item of interest was the appearance of a former GWR Manor 7808 'Cookham Manor'(89A Oswestry) climbing the incline with a freight train in June 1951 most definitely a rare event at that time.

Other interesting  events  during  the year were

Wednesday 2nd January

An accident at Fernhill Heath at 0630 with blocked both lines for 14hours. A passenger train collided with a freight train, both engines overturning. Fortunately, no-one was hurt.

Saturday 10th March

There was outrage in Bromsgrove when the famous railway tombstones were vandalized and broken.

Saturday 21st April

A coach on a Birmingham to Worcester train  caught fire and the train was stopped on  the  incline. The coach was later removed at Bromsgrove.  

Friday 8th June  

Princess  Elizabeth visited the area. She had been to the Royal Worcester Porcelain factory, and her five coach train passed through Bromsgrove viewed by about 200 people, prior to stabling overnight in a siding at Barnt Green. When the train left the  next  morning  a  large crowd assembled in Hewell Road below the embankment.